201 E. Lime Avenue


Photo: 2003

Known Details

Block No: A

Lot No: 14

Landmarked? No

Construction Year: Unknown

Architectural Style: Public/Commercial

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Unknown

Style Altered? No

Location Changed? No

Owner(s): Gospel Church

Demolished? Yes

Subdivision: Town of Monrovia

The above picture shows the church which is on Lot 13, and the addition to the right, which is on Lot 14. The 1888 tax record shows that George F. Mohn, Sr. and William MacLean were the first owners of this propert of Lot 14. However, they didn't pay the $1.20 tax on the land, which was valued at $300.  H.J. Woolacot paid the tax for a Dr. Roberts.  Consequently, the original ownership is somewhat murky.

The 1927 Sanborn map shows an addition to the Gospel Church which extends onto Lot 14.  The addition may have been added in 1923, as there is a permit for stuccoing and painting exterior walls for that year.  The valuation of the work covered is listed as $2700.

A 1949 permit shows that the church had become the IOOF Lodge Hall.  The permit gives the work to be done as repairing wiring and making structural alterations to make the hall safe to occupy.

At the present time, the property is again being used as a church.