145 Stedman Place


Photo: 2010

Known Details

Block No: C

Lot No: 15

Landmarked? No

Construction Year: 1939

Architectural Style: Period Revival

Style Detail: English Tudor

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Unknown

Style Altered? No

Location Changed? No

Owner(s): Lewis D. Remington

Demolished? No

Subdivision: Monroe Addition to Monrovia Tract

Dr. Lewis D. Remington, a heart and lung specialist who came to Monrovia in 1909, built this home for him, his wife, Cassia (Prentiss), and daughter, Beatrice Dorothea to live in. Formerly he had lived at 146 Primrose Avenue with his first wife, Lida May, who died of lung disease in 1909. 

Early pictures show the home painted white with red shutters. Originally there were cupboards built into the corners of the dining room, but they have since been removed. There was also a revolving cupboard as well as a small center island in the kitchen, neither of which remain.   An unusual feature of the time was glass brick, which he used in the walls of both bathrooms.