Early Residents of Monrovia

Frederick George Croxon

Birthdate: 11 Nov 1910

Birthplace: Los Angeles County, California

Occupation: Banker

Properties Owned:

Frederick George Croxon was the son of George and Edith May Nicoll Croxon.  His early life was spent on his father's fruit ranch which was located on the west side of Mountain Avenue, between Central Avenue and Huntington Drive. 

When he was in his teens, he moved with his family to 267 N. Myrtle Avenue. 

Frederick George married Doris Theresa Hallett on April 17, 1937.  She was the daughter of an English professor of music and had lived in Pasadena all her life.  They had one daughter, Patricia Anne Croxon, who was born on 17 Nov 1947 and who died on 07 Feb 1985 in Orange County.  Patricia Anne married Blaine P. Turner on 8 Jun 1974.  They had one daughter, Kristen, who I assume is still living.  I don't know when she was born or anything else about her.  This is the end of that branch of the George Croxon tree.
Frederick and Doris's marriage didn't last, and though we were not able to find any divorce information, they must have gotten divorced because each of them re-married.  Doris, however, kept her married name of Croxon even though she married someone else.  Perhaps she did that because her child's last name remained Croxon even though Doris remarried.  While they were married, they seemed to have lived in a very expensive part of Pasadena.  After the divorce, Frederick moved up to central coastal California to work, specifically, Santa Barbara. 
Frederick was drafted into the army in 1942.  I found no other information about his military experience.  He went into banking and was quite successful.  He married Julia Clark on 31 Jul 1959 in Stanislaus County.  They divorced in May of 1969 and Frederick died in July of 1969.